The only critic I ever truly admired
and the man who inadvertently gave
me the idea for this musical

One day recently I was re-reading Walter Kerr’s insightful book, How Not to Write A Play. I had not picked it up in many years, and I was wondering whether I would find it as enlightening and invaluable as I had years ago. (I did.) Somewhere in the latter part, when Mr. Kerr is lauding Shakespeare for the rapidity with which his plays move, I came across this paragraph:

"There are a good many Messengers in Shakespeare’s plays, but they do not appear except with messages. There are no scenes in which we study three or four Messengers sitting around waiting for the next call to duty; we do not have to be convinced that there is a waiting room for Messengers somewhere. It is probable that Messengers do eat, drink and speak to one another; but they do not do it on our time."

A waiting room for Messengers! What a marvelous idea!

And thus we have….